Top 5 the best homemade pizza recipes


Pineapple pizza haters, skip this one. The debate about the best types of pizza will never really be solved - some people love just cheese, others are big on pepperoni, and others like Hawaiian (aka ham and pineapple) or barbecue. There are still others who say that pineapple should never happen on pizza, so maybe the pineapple lovers and the pineapple haters just shouldn't talk about this important subject.

This recipe from Life Made Simple Bakes for Hawaiin BBQ Pizza is the best of both worlds. With a homemade pizza dough plus mozzarella cheese, pineapple, bacon, red onion, BBQ sauce, and ham, along with red pepper flakes and cilantro on top, we'll be in pizza heaven.


You love sausage and would gladly put that on any pizza... but you know that you have to be healthy, too. What's a pizza fan to do? Well, make this Grilled Kale and Sausage Pizza from Life's Ambrosia.

Even if you're not a huge fan of kale, it's totally going to be fine because you'll be eating pizza with sausage and cheese on it. Come to think of it, you can just make pizza every Friday night and make sure that you put something green on it and call it a healthy dinner. Sounds like a really smart plan.


Oh yes. Pizza bread. The carbaholics among us will agree that we absolutely love pizza and bread and that it can be tough to choose between the two. Sure, we could argue that pizza is better because it has toppings like cheese and tomato sauce and pepperoni, but we can top bread (or toast, really) with anything at all.

Instead of choosing, let's give this recipe for Ciabatta Pizza Bread from How Sweet Eats a try when the next Friday night rolls around and we've got a hankering for pizza.

Basically, we'll make a pizza on ciabatta bread. What a brilliant idea. Toppings include four kinds of cheese (parmesan, mozzarella, fontina, and provolone) so, yeah, we're going to say this is pretty epic.


A Beautiful Plate has given us a gift in the form of this BEST Homemade Margherita Pizza recipe. We're going to go out on a (pizza-loving) limb here and say that if a food blogger declares a pizza recipe the best (and uses caps as well) then we're going to trust them and make it ASAP.

This recipe will show us how to make perfect pizza dough (ingredients include warm water, active dry yeast, granulated sugar, unbleached all-purpose flour, semolina flour, kosher salt, and extra virgin olive oil) and top it with the classic Margherita pizza toppings of tomato sauce and cheese.


Pepperoni is quite possibly the most popular pizza topping ever. When we crave pizza, a lot of the time we're craving pepperoni pizza. Sometimes life just begs us to eat this pizza. Okay, there is literally always a reason to eat this pizza.

We can go for this recipe from Life Made Simple Bakes for Classic Pepperoni Pizza on our next Friday pizza night. And if we don't feel like sharing with anyone else and want to dive into the whole thing, well, no one will judge us. This is pizza that we're talking about. Everyone will understand.